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OIC 5 year – semi-internal celebration – Monday 16.1.

Monday 16Jan marks 5 years since our OIC launch tertulia! We were convinced to take the occasion and have 3 smaller semi-internal popup events – preparing for the next 5 years and for a proper 5 year anniversary event in not too long. Here below you will find invitations for Monday – and an invitation to shape our proper 5 year anniversary event, what does this look like to you? Goals? Speakers? Topics? Please email us HERE (mark subject OIC5YEARSANNIVERSARY!).

These 3 events aim to showcase the diversity of what the Club has instigated over these 5 years. The first 2 at our International House, Oscarsgate 27. Wanna join?

1. 1500-1525: Tour of your very own International House, Oscarsgate 27

2. 1530-1700: Colombia at Peace: Business Roundtable - showcasing fresh and exciting business opportunities in a “new” country for most

3. 1700-1845: Roundtable OIC 5 year: Status+Next Steps/Strategy. Avoiding cosmopolitanism slowing in Oslo like in US/UK? - What has the OIC accomplished in addition to creating a fantastic International House, and what events and strategies next? – full invite at link+copied below

4. 1845-1910: Tour of your very own International House, Oscarsgate 27

5. Mon 16Jan 1930-: OIC Dinner parties in private homes, address only given when you have secured a spot. Bring something to eat and drink for buffet to start 20+. SIGN-UP only to admin@oslointl.com with subject: 5YEAR-DINNER. Remember to indicate if you want to bring your partner or similar. And if you also are open to host a dinner now or later in your own home, please let us know HERE. NB! We will assign you to a host and send you the address DURING THE WEEKEND! This invite is open to all members and you may bring guests. Details HERE.


As our gift to you our members on Monday we intend to:

1. Present most of the 2017 OIC program committee + other contributors. (Several have committed 1-5 hours per month, can you? Let us know)

2. A calendar of several next events, well-ahead of time…

3. A report of our first 5 years

Halloween 2016

Saturday October 29, 2016 – Saturday October 29, 2016

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Sat 29.10. 1800- Our yearly OIC Halloween party. NB! Limited room! With kids from the start, without kids – come anytime. “Best halloween party this side of the Atlantic” – said in 2012. Thousands of gadgets, just behind royal palace, truly amazing. You must dress up! NB! The Signup-form below does NOT work – instead signup HERE at Eventbrite, using the password OIC2016.

  • Where: Private home close to royal palace. The OIC host is also inviting friends.
  • Secret address: To control numbers, location address + full details will be sent to your email days before event
  • Donations welcome: This year we don’t ask for a cover charge as such, but hope for donations from all. This covers food, drinks and the whole lot. You can also bring drinks if you want to.
  • Kids? Yes! Most places except Norway mix generations in social settings. The OIC promotes a cosmo mindset. Feel free to bring kids. And feel free to bring them home to bed when you want to – and let Mommy or Daddy stay until late?
  • Sign up BELOW, notifying under “other” if/how many kids you bring, incl ages. Remember to hit “confirm” on the second screen…
  • Volunteers: Some volunteers needed for decorations Friday/Saturday and clean-up Sunday, please email: JLM@oslointernationalHub.com

Welcome text from the OIC host

The preparations have started – and the Halloween kitten should soon be ready to welcome you Saturday. Halloween is upon us. And it is time for our yearly Halloween Party.

Space is not unlimited but we do like a good crowd. The setting is about as Halloween-y as it gets. The serving is heavy on the candy and all things pumpkin. The fluid side of things has in the past proven more than adequate and we are confident this will stay so (there is a taxi stand within a few minutes walk). That said, if you have a preference for drink, please bring it and share.

The early part of the evening is very child friendly, so bring ‘em if you got ‘em. The trick-or-treating is second to no place. And should any trick or treaters wander in of the street, we will flip a coin to see which it will be. Some may wish to take their kids trick-or-treating somewhere else first; that is a good idea for once kids see the candy pile here, they don’t want to go anywhere else.

As the evening progress and the youngest generation have retired, the rest of us will carry on the good fight and consume what is left …Surrounded by spiders and severed heads. If you like that idea of having a drink out of a sarcophagus but can do without the kids – arriving after 8 or so might be wise. The bar remains open.


Pop-up: Tertulia Thu 8Sept: Digitization – w Founder of Europe’s largest internet company

Our digital future – how digitalization represents big value to be unlocked by startups, angels, corporates and our societies

SIGN UP HERE. We are addressing this topic from 3 angles glass-in-hand, with 8min from Kees, then 4min comments from Steinar and Arif.

  • Kees Koolen is the founder and ex-CEO of the largest European internet-company, booking.com. He is an advisor to Uber and founding partner at EQT Ventures. Kees is key in the Amsterdam startup environment.
  • Steinar Fretheim was Geschäftsführer for Stocknet Deutschland, and part of launch team of StockNet in Norway
  • Arif Shafique, Microsoft Norway


  • Location: Secret location in private home in Frogner. Address sent Thursday morning to all getting a spot. Sign up HERE ! There is always a waiting list for our tertulias…
  • Bring: a bottle/snacks – and your business cards(!) + your smile.
  • Short notice: Yes, this opportunity arose late Tuesday.
  • Who: Expats, repats, angels, startups get 2/3 of spots are first come/first served. We decide 1/3 to secure optimal mix.
  • What? See article about former tertulia HERE. It is a cross-over between reception, TED-talk, French Salon and a private party. It is a get-together of interesting professionals that are expats or repats, from all sorts of industries and sectors. We are mixing seniors and talents, across the generations from ca 30 and up. Hot ideas with cosmo-feel. Inspired from the Cambridge colleges’ MCRs, sharing rocket science over a glass.
  • Organisors: This event is co-hosted with Business Angels Norway and Oslo International Hub.
  • Register HERE – remember to hit “Confirm” on page 2, if not it does not save… And hope you make it to get one of the spots! Always a waiting list for the tertulias, they fill up fast…


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