Political agenda

We want a more internationally-friendly Oslo and Norway:

  • We demand that the Government makes a whitepaper on international talent to Norway. All relevant ministries must be included: Finance, Justice, Industry&Trade, Work, Foreign affairs, Education, Health. Incentives for global talent to come to Norway must be developed. Incentives for Norwegian companies to employ global talent should be developed.
  • We demand that the Government better develops and coordinates its international activities for attracting talent, including Ministry of foreign affairs, NAV, Innovation Norway.

Vision - Cosmopolitan Oslo is:

  • Being international is a competitive advantage in the Norwegian labour
    market (because of languages, intercultural competencies, international
    contacts etc)
  • A place without nepotism, rather with focus on meritocracy
  • A place with top-level quality of life in all shapes and forms
  • Where Norwegians and foreigners interact fluidly and naturally.
  • Lovepats/spouses/partners are able to quickly build networks and find
    jobs if they so wish.
  • Lovepats can adapt relatively quickly and feel a part of the country
    where they have chosen to reside.
  • That business and government cooperate in order to ensure an easy,
    transparent, CONSISTENT and practical way to bring global talents here and
    support them. (Educational support, cultural training, language training,
    welcoming committees, easy-to-find information in key languages, tax benefits,
    supportive laws and business benefits)
  • Norwegians don’t discriminate against foreigners
  • Get rid of “Janteloven”
  • Some public schools (from pre-school to university) only teach in
  • Global talent are actively seeking out job opportunities in Norway
  • Norway is known for good jobs and good quality of life
  • Norwegian government and business work seamlessly together to
    facilitate internationals arriving here
  • Oslo has partner regions across the globe that promote each other
  • There is a yearly conference on attracting/retaining global talent and
    on stimulating employers/board chairs to take onboard global talent (see www.globalmobility.no)
  • There are several active networks and clubs for international
    professionals and Norwegians
  • Norway has an international centre for diversity and religious tolerance,
    facilitating peace talks, being a meeting place like Litteraturhuset, but with
    a slant of diversity/globalism
  • There is no racism or antisemittism
  • The government has two sides to immigration policies – one for internationals
    needing help, one for internationals wanting to contribute/work
  • A city that whilst not completely realising goal is held as THE example
    of a modern multicultural city by the leaders of the Worlds cities.
  • Working side by side with the local and international business and
    diplomatic community its education and urban development initiatives will be
    developed to meet their current and future needs.
  • Oslo would be recognised as one of the leading science and research
    centres with one science park open and another two in development – one fully
    financed by industry.
  • Cross cultural initiatives will have been launched utilising all of
    Oslo’s arts and education facilities.

In Cosmopolitan Oslo, we the people behave and think in internationally-positive ways

  • We are open and curious, asking questions and sharing information about Oslo
  • We are welcoming and willing to show you the ropes, invite you to do things
  • We invite business  contacts and not-so-close friends home
  • We aren’t  alarmed or suspicious when seeing someone from another race or hear a foreign  language
  • We don’t “assume” that any foreigner is a refugee or an immigrant, but rather
    that that person may have a lot in common with them
  • Without  prejudice, jobs will be filled according to requirements without reference to anything other than that.
  • Curiosity and acceptance will grow out of the expanding diversity and people will openly ask, hi, where are you from and where are you going?
  • People believe that a foreigner quite simply is a friend one does not know yet

This agenda is a first draft only! Please help us elaborate below…

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