One of my French director-level expats almost cried when his term in Norway was shortened, realizing he and his family would never have this level of quality of life again. HR-director of a top Norwegian multinational

Norway is enjoying their wealth, but not creating any. Michael Porter, visiting Norway ca 2005

McKinsey and others asked if Westpoint was some sort of college. Westpoint graduate on the experience of interviewing in Norway.

Many internationals work too slow. Arve Bakke, the leader in Fellesforbundet (one of the biggest labour unions). Link til NRK

Norway is young as a multicultural society … this will not be changed all by itself. Asta Busingye Lydersen in Aftenposten paper edition 22.11.11 – Vice-chair in Norwegian Arts Council

I stayed on in Norway one year longer than expected because of the great rugbyclub I found. It is great that Norway is so international that I could continue with my sport during my years there. Thank you for being my home away from home! South-African engineer, expat in Norway 2008-10, hoping to be an expat in Norway again

We need to greet international talent coming here to work with open arms. Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg in the Parliament 30.11.11 according to E24.

Norwegians are just a bunch of homegrown ignorants. Business-school teacher Tor Haugnes introducing his students to Norway’s place in the world in a most sarcastic and amusing way. See lecture in Norwegian, followed by articles in the press such as this – and this discussion (in Norwegian) on his blog.



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