Read about our history:

2001-02: First concept for the Oslo International Club drafted at a Cambridge alumni reunion dinner in Oslo. We dreamed of contributing to making Oslo more cosmopolitan, by hosting quarterly events at the Grand Hotel with corporate sponsorship, half-half international seniors and Norwegian seniors. Like what we would have had in London if we had joined all our Cambridge colleagues – but in Oslo.

2002-2011: Several concepts for the OIC drafted, together with diplomats from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, UK and US – as well as in the American Chamber of Commerce.

Jan-Oct 2011: Planning the OGMF and dreaming of realizing the OIC, brainstorming, testing ideas.

2 Nov 2011: Oslo Global Mobility Forum 2011. The OGMF was a 150-person full-day conference. Both organisors and participants expressing the need for something like the OIC.

Nov-Dec 2011: Two pre-OIC private planning workshops with a reference group until late – the second one lasting in this website being created by 5am.

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