Our people

The Oslo International Club is made by expats for expats. We hope to contribute to bringing Oslo from a multicultural city to a cosmopolitan city – as seen from the viewpoint of international professionals.

Who are we?

  • A senior group of >10 expats/repats/lovepats – 5 nationalities.
  • A team of >10 volunteers giving 1-6 hours/week to the cause – 7 nationalities
  • A working group of 5 organising the Café Scientifique – 4 nationalities

VACANCY: If you are interested in joining us, contact us!, including your CV. Feel free to include some thoughts about what you would like to do. Expect 2-6 hours/week.

The OIC is a network concept of Konsulent1.com and is run on a non-profit basis.

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