Café Scientifique

What: The Oslo International Club has brought this cosmopolitan concept in Oslo. Key words: A couple of leading international/Norwegian thinkers, 8min each on their field/research in easy-going style, over a beer downtown pub/restaurant.

Next events:  Check our main page or facebook-page for details on next event.


  • Who? NOT limited room, bring anybody! English language – good mix of international Norwegians and internationals. No RSVP-list, altough a few will have registred on the Facebook-page of the event.
  • €€: No entry fee, buy whatever at the bar. Cafe Sjakk Matt give 10% off all food at OIC events if you ask for it.
  • Program: The science bit starting when everybody has had the chance to order something, 3x8min, then a few questions – and then some leave and some stay on.
  • Location: This may change from time to time! Check invitations email (sign up on the right of this screen).

Cosmopolitan heritage: Parallels include the Parisian Salon, the Wiener Kaffeehaus or the Spanish Tertulia often organized in a private home, like the Oslo International Club also does – ref NewsInEnglish from our last Tertulia. Fun fact: Did you know that is “Intangible Cultural Heritage”!? Since October 2011 the “Viennese Coffee House Culture” is listed as “Intangible Cultural Heritage” in the Austrian inventory of the “National Agency for the Intangible Cultural Heritage”, a part of UNESCO. The Viennese coffee house is described in this inventory as a place “where time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is found on the bill.” By bringing this cosmopolitan science-focused consept to Norway, the Oslo International Club is hoping to contribute to a more cosmopolitan, tolerant and multi-cultural Oslo and Norway.

Future events: PLEASE let us know if you know of any international academics coming through Oslo – as long as they can present somewhat easy-going in a pub-format. Several embassies (EN, FR, IS, US etc) have organized ad hoc events along these lines, and we aim to collaborate to give international academics a wider audience in Norway at the Oslo Café Scientifique.

Volunteer? Would you like to help out organizing future events, please let us know! We are currently a small part of the Oslo International Club volunteer team that focus on this.

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Past Cafés

14March 2013

Where: Cafe Sjakk Matt by Tinghuset downtown Oslo. Topics:

  • Erik Syring: Next level global education – making the very best available to students everywhere.
  • Simon Ferrington: Physical business – Physics and its role in business transformation
  • Lars Groth: Mission impossible? Does IT have to make all political reforms break their budgets and timeline?

Who are these thinkers?

  • Erik is head of Global Education – with the slogan “the best education in the world, brought to students everywhere”.
  • Simon heads up the consulting company Heraclitus Ltd.
  • Lars is professor at Univ of Oslo, heading their IT and Management executive masters degree.

10Dec 2012: Café Nobel: Peace Pubtalks

When? Monday 10Dec, come just after work/from 1645. At ca 17.00 we do pubtalks of 4x8min

Where? Tosca Bar in Hotel Opera, by Opera/Airport train terminal.

Topic: Creating lasting peace – top-down and bottom-up:

  • Top-down: Peace in our time! The EU as a worthy recipient of the Nobel peace prize. Personal views from:
  • -Hans-Gert Pöttering, former president of the European Parliament - info (TBC)
  • -Eivinn Berg, former Norwegian ambassador to the EU - info
  • -Isabelle Benoliel, president Jean Monnet Association and director in the European Commission - info
  • Bottom-up: Srinivasa Rao as a grass-root peace ambassador of the world – how to promote world peace by going 8 times around the world by car, over 26 years and 700.000km, info.

Practical: The Tosca Bar has drinks and sandwiches for sale. The event is co-hosted with Brussels Alumni. Format: Café Scientifique. No RSVP, just come – even during the event if you work late! At 18.00 we continue outside to the torchlight procession/Fakkeltog. Feel free to join the Facebook-event to let others see you are coming! (NB more people coming than those signed up on Facebook.)


27Nov 2012: Lying and Gaming

At Cafe Sjakk Matt by Tinghuset downtown at C.J. Hambros plass. Prg:

  • -Simon McCallum: Gamification and motivation using games
  • -Eirik Romstad: Deterring lying – a closer look at truthful revelation.

Simon’s bio: I am a typical New Zealander, my grandfather was a sheep farmer and I was an extra in Lord of the Rings. I have been lecturing in computer science for 13 years and game development for 10. I spend 2 years working in industry and have consulted on many game development and gamification projects. I have been working mostly with Games for Health recently, but am interested in any game topic. I have given talks at the Gathering for the last three years, and try to do as much outreach to the community as possible.

Eirik’s bio: PhD in environmental economics from Oregon State University (1990). Wrote my PhD dissertation on tradable emissions permits under asymmetric information and incompete information. Presently Sr. research fellow at the UMB School of Economics and Business. Current work on truthful revelation pertains to auctions and agents’ behavior in auctions.


17Oct 2012.: Innovation/Cancer/Genomics

Wed 17 Oct 18.00-20.00 - part of Oslo Innovation Week, co-organised with Oslo Cancer Cluster. Check out a few of who’ll come at the Facebook-event. Speakers, 8min each, then Q&A.

  • Karthik Jayaraman:  A key to innovation – sharing as a basis for the knowledge economy.  Karthik is a tech strategist and PhD researcher in Oslo, with MBA from BI/Fudan-China, Master from KTH-Stockholm and BA from India. He has worked with companies like Red Hat, Novell, Sun and is an expert on open source, open innovation and other forms of commons based peer production. He is also a writer.
  • Stefan Krauss: A hitchhiker’s guide to cancer. Stefan is the director of Cancer Stem Cell Innovation Center (CAST) and is a leading professor within cancer. He works on the signals that forms the animal and human body, and based on these signals he seeks new therapeutic approaches
  • Arnoldo Frigessi: Statistical science for ultra-high-dimensional cancer genomics data. Arnoldo is the director Statistics for Innovation (SFI)2Arnoldo has developed statistical methodology for specific problems in science, technology, industry and society. Currently, he has research collaborations in genomics (cancer and psychiatric diseases mainly), veterinary infectious diseases, finance, insurance and climate research. He is a professor and an elected member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters since 2008.

27 Sept: The science of money, blood and brain-computer interface

Forest&Brown: 3 x 8min of science at the pub. New ideas for you:

  • Richard Stott: What Banks don’t want you to know about the science of investing. Lessons from the real world and academia. Richard is Chief Executive at Connectum Capital Management AS, with background in private banking from Switzerland and the City. He recently co-authored the book “The 7 Secrets of Money”.
  • Sandip Kanse: Blood, heart and a fine balance. Sandip is professor of biochemistry with a PhD from London. After 20 years in cardiovascular research in the UK and Germany he chose to move to Oslo.
  • Haldor Njål Sjåheim: Brain-Computer Interface and novel treatments for Traumatic Brain Injury – or how science is using Playstation to cure your kids after brain injuries.Haldor is the entrepreneur of, a patent-based start-up focusing on the Mindstation EEG-headset, collaborating with international neurofeedback research and offering braintraining.

25 July 2012

Turnout: Completely packed indoor, on one of nicest nights of summer! People sitting on the floor and not getting in. Great talks and atmosphere!

  • Ingrid Storm: Are Christians more tolerant – to immigrants?– The relationship between religion and attitudes to immigration in Western Europe. Ingrid is starting her postdoc in Manchester after the summer.
  • Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay:  About “science” in science fiction. Bodhi is a PhD researcher at UiO with background from Univ. of Delhi: “In my academic daydreams, I think of myself as a Vulcan-Human hybrid, one caught in the magic of pure armchair speculation and fantasy yet reigned in by the quest for scientific certitude, leading me to a field of study that represents the best of both worlds.”
  • Karthik Jayaraman:  The next Buddha will be a collective –sharing in a knowledge economy.  Karthik is a tech strategist and PhD researcher in Oslo, with MBA from BI/Fudan-China, Master from KTH-Stockholm and BA from India. He is an expert on open source, open innovation and other forms of commons based peer production.

22 May 2012

At Grand Hotel’s Limelight bar. Program:

  • Salman Türken: “Neoliberal ideology and subjectivity: Increasing individualism in Norway”. Salman does research in psychology on influences of globalized ideology. More about Salman HERE.
  • Marije Oostindjer: ”Social eating: How others affect what you eat, how much you eat and how fat you get.” Marije is a dutch post-doc at the University of Life Sciences/Ås, working on food perception and healthier eating, given her background from how piglets learn how to eat like a pig…
  • Bernard Enjolras on social media networks. Bernard is the research director, civil society at the Institute for Social Research, Oslo. He is French, with his PhD from Quebec. More about Bernard HERE.

25 April 2012

  • Anna Wolleb: “Why bilingualism matters – and how to give our kids more than 1 or 2 mothertongues”. Anna is an Italian Phd-researcher at the  Language Acquisition group at Univ of Tromsø, educated in Edinburgh. She is writing a dissertation on Norwegian-English bilingual children, focusing specifically on the interaction between grammar and general cognitive abilities.
  • Mikkel Christensen: “Re-rescuing Norwegian Viking Age artifacts”. Mikkel is a Danish chemist working on viking archeology at Univ of Oslo. In 2011 he was a national finalist in the Grand Prix competition for how to communicate research to a non-scientific audience. However, he has never been asked to do science in such an informal setting before. More on Mikkel.
  • Ammar al Hamdana: “Norway after 22 July – still at the pinnacle of human development?”. Ammar is an international correspondent for Al Jazeera, covering e.g. the Arab Spring, the Nordics and the 22July-case. His experience is wide, including being captured by Gadhafi’s forces during the Libya war.

21 March 2012

Turn-out: Every chair taken, good spread of professionals from their 30s to 60s:

  • Gro Amdam: Will social networks shrink your lifespan? Gro is Associate professor at Arizona State University and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. She studies the genetics, epigenetics and physiology of social behaviors that influence food intake and aging.
  • Asle Toje: The demise of a global idealist – Norway’s foreign policy these last years. Asle is a scholar of international affairs at the Univ. of Oslo, educated with PhD from Cambridge and as a Fulbright-fellow at Columbia.
  • Rani Lill Anjum: A pill for nicer colleagues – Reductionist thinking about causation in modern medicine. Rani is a researcher of philosophy and the director of the interdisciplinary research project Causation in Science at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. She spent 2,5 year at the University of Nottingham, working with Professor Stephen Mumford on causation, dispositions and laws during her postdoc.
  • (Hanne Nabintu Herland has had to postpone her participation, and Michael Skinner has had to shorten his trip to Norway due to illness. Apologies!)

Launch Café 29 Feb 2012

Turn-out: Packed. People on the floor, in the doors. Some even had to give up to enter.

  • Nina Witoszek: “Wisdom for winners and losers, in business and life”. Nina is a Polish-Irish-Norwegian professor, ranked as top10 intellectual in Norway. She has been a visiting professor at EUI-Florence and Stanford. Among her publications was the entertaining “The World’s Best Country” in 2009, as an outsider’s thoughtful yet light-hearted view on Norway.
  • Helge Iberg, composer/writer/pianist. Helge will give his take on Nina’s intro. (Has cancelled due to illness!)
  • Rasmus Benestad: “Has the global warming stopped?”. Rasmus is a climatologist at the Norwegian Metereological Institute and a key person behind RealClimate.Org, the world’s most(?) influential science blogs with 50mill readers. His background is from Oxford.
  • Avshalom Pollak: “The Unknown World of Creativity”. Avshalom is Director and Choreographer at the world-class Israeli modern dance group Inbal Pinto&Avshalom Pollak Dance Company. Ellen Horn, the former Norwegian minister of culture, has called Inbal Pinto the best and most creative performance she had ever seen. They are just now visiting Oslo for the first time, hosted by the Opera.

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