International Networks – a review for int’l professionals

International Forum – Oslo Chamber of Commerce organizes English-language network events 3-5 times per year for members and friends, with a high-profile speaker. The Chamber provides relocation services through INN = International Network Norway and has the INN Club, consisting of professional services for expats.

Oslo International Rotary Club will be founded officially 15.02.12 with its “charter night”. For more info, contact the founding presidentEwa Daniela Burdon. Membership seems half/full generation younger than the average Rotary club.

Norway International Network - Originally student-based, now consisting mostly of young professionals and students. Regular talks and get-togethers.

Internations - Norwegian chapter of international network, mostly focused on the social side in a bar-setting. Good discussion forum on their web-site.

New to Oslo – Facebook group with 900+ members. Lots of discussions and happenings. Pubnights every second Friday. Norsk conversational group etc.

Oslo Hash House Harriers – Go running with internationals. More fun than run, possibly with a beer or three.

AIPBW – Association of International Professional and Business Women. Women-only, of all types and levels of careers.

Oslo International Parents Group – Facebook-group for parents who want to meet other parents but don’t necessarily speak Norwegian, often meeting  Thursdays at Cafe Nazar in Sagene. Check also the IMOBAGO Facebook group for similar.

JCI Oslo International- The first english speaking branch of JCI (Junior Chamber International) in Norway.  International professionals. Aim to promote trade, commerce, community and culture, whilst developing our professional and social skills. Age 18 – 40.

AWC Oslo – American Women’s Club Oslo -  an organization of American women living in the Oslo area of Norway. Organize monthly meetings and fund-raising events.

Oslo Global Mobility Forum - Yearly meeting place for anything related to global mobility in Norway/Scandinavia, last held 2.11.11

ICON-Norway – The Petroleum Women’s Club changed in 2010 their name to The International Club Oslo Norway, realising that not all members were connected to the oil industry and also wanting to open up to men. Bærum-based. Volunteering and charities are key activities, plus monthly meetings with bridge and other nice activities.

Australian Assosiation Norway -  An assosiation open to all nationalities. AAN is for  Australians, their families, friends, peolpe woh have studied in Australia or others with strong ties to Australia. Organize monthly events such as Networking nights, information seminars etc.

Canadian Club of Norway -  A social club for Canadians living in Norway, their families, and anyone who considers him- or herself a friend of Canada. The club’s members and activities are largely concentrated in the Oslo area. Organizing pub nights and Evenings with Embassy representative and more.

Oslo International Church - Intercultural christian fellowship with church service every Sunday at 17:00 in Gamlebyen Church. Check also the American Lutheran CongregationSt.Olav catholic church or the Anglican St.Edmund’s.

Aussies in Oslo – Facebook group with 350+ members.

Expats in Oslo – Facebook group fro expats living in Oslo with 300+ members. Much of the same information as what you can find on New To Oslo.

Americans in Norway – Facebook group with 550+ members.

Canadian in Norway – Facebook group with about 100 members.

Australian Assoc. Norway -  Australian Assosiation Norway’s facebook page.

Chambers of Commerce

AmCham – American Chamber of Commerce in Norway. Well-attended by senior US executives based in Norway, and by Norwegian seniors working for US companies.

BNCC – British-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce. The name says it all.

Norsk-Tysk Handelskammer – the name says it all, Norwegian+German.

And other Chambers of Commerce

University Alumni clubs

Norwegian Cambridge Alumni

Oxford University Society Norway

And many others…

Norwegian global-friendly networks

ANSA Alumni - Alumni of the Association of Norwegian Students Abroad. Regular get-togethers ranging from pubquiz and social-only to high-profile speaker events and by-invitation-only tertulias. Consisting of mostly international Norwegians, but also non-Norwegians.

Civita - centre-right think tank, the meeting place in Norwegian centre-right politics. Their breakfast meetings are nearly always full, including high-level politicians and key speakers. When international speakers, the event is run in English.

Atlanterhavskomiteen – a foreign affairs hub, sign up for their mailinglist indicating your interests

NUPI – Norwegian Institute of International Affairs regularly has lectures and seminars in English, often by visiting professors or VIPs.

And many others…


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