OIC 5 year – semi-internal celebration – Monday 16.1.

Monday 16Jan marks 5 years since our OIC launch tertulia! We were convinced to take the occasion and have 3 smaller semi-internal popup events – preparing for the next 5 years and for a proper 5 year anniversary event in not too long. Here below you will find invitations for Monday – and an invitation to shape our proper 5 year anniversary event, what does this look like to you? Goals? Speakers? Topics? Please email us HERE (mark subject OIC5YEARSANNIVERSARY!).

These 3 events aim to showcase the diversity of what the Club has instigated over these 5 years. The first 2 at our International House, Oscarsgate 27. Wanna join?

1. 1500-1525: Tour of your very own International House, Oscarsgate 27

2. 1530-1700: Colombia at Peace: Business Roundtable - showcasing fresh and exciting business opportunities in a “new” country for most

3. 1700-1845: Roundtable OIC 5 year: Status+Next Steps/Strategy. Avoiding cosmopolitanism slowing in Oslo like in US/UK? - What has the OIC accomplished in addition to creating a fantastic International House, and what events and strategies next? – full invite at link+copied below

4. 1845-1910: Tour of your very own International House, Oscarsgate 27

5. Mon 16Jan 1930-: OIC Dinner parties in private homes, address only given when you have secured a spot. Bring something to eat and drink for buffet to start 20+. SIGN-UP only to admin@oslointl.com with subject: 5YEAR-DINNER. Remember to indicate if you want to bring your partner or similar. And if you also are open to host a dinner now or later in your own home, please let us know HERE. NB! We will assign you to a host and send you the address DURING THE WEEKEND! This invite is open to all members and you may bring guests. Details HERE.


As our gift to you our members on Monday we intend to:

1. Present most of the 2017 OIC program committee + other contributors. (Several have committed 1-5 hours per month, can you? Let us know)

2. A calendar of several next events, well-ahead of time…

3. A report of our first 5 years

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