Pop-up: Tertulia Thu 8Sept: Digitization – w Founder of Europe’s largest internet company

Our digital future – how digitalization represents big value to be unlocked by startups, angels, corporates and our societies

SIGN UP HERE. We are addressing this topic from 3 angles glass-in-hand, with 8min from Kees, then 4min comments from Steinar and Arif.

  • Kees Koolen is the founder and ex-CEO of the largest European internet-company, booking.com. He is an advisor to Uber and founding partner at EQT Ventures. Kees is key in the Amsterdam startup environment.
  • Steinar Fretheim was Geschäftsführer for Stocknet Deutschland, and part of launch team of StockNet in Norway
  • Arif Shafique, Microsoft Norway


  • Location: Secret location in private home in Frogner. Address sent Thursday morning to all getting a spot. Sign up HERE ! There is always a waiting list for our tertulias…
  • Bring: a bottle/snacks – and your business cards(!) + your smile.
  • Short notice: Yes, this opportunity arose late Tuesday.
  • Who: Expats, repats, angels, startups get 2/3 of spots are first come/first served. We decide 1/3 to secure optimal mix.
  • What? See article about former tertulia HERE. It is a cross-over between reception, TED-talk, French Salon and a private party. It is a get-together of interesting professionals that are expats or repats, from all sorts of industries and sectors. We are mixing seniors and talents, across the generations from ca 30 and up. Hot ideas with cosmo-feel. Inspired from the Cambridge colleges’ MCRs, sharing rocket science over a glass.
  • Organisors: This event is co-hosted with Business Angels Norway and Oslo International Hub.
  • Register HERE – remember to hit “Confirm” on page 2, if not it does not save… And hope you make it to get one of the spots! Always a waiting list for the tertulias, they fill up fast…


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