Diplomatic links

(Ref pages of the Ministry of Foregin Affairs)

The Oslo Diplomatic List (pdf 1MB, updated monthly)

Diplomat in Norway. The purpose of this booklet is to provide information to diplomats and their families on how the various privileges and immunities under the Vienna Conventions are implemented in Norway, and to offer information and advice on related procedures and regulations, as well as practical matters.

Diplomat in Norway (pdf)

The Section for Diplomatic Relations will gladly assist you in any way it can in relation to the various matters covered in this booklet.

Registration of Members of Diplomatic Missions/Application for ID card (pdf)

List of Presedence, Heads of Mission and their spouses (pdf)

Diplomatic Missions accredited to Norway: (address list in pdf) – (address list in excel)

Telephone, telefax and e-mail addresses to embassies/organisations accredited to Norway: (telephone list in pdf) – (telephone list in excel)

Application for Refund of VAT on Commodities and Services supplied to Propterties and to Personell entitled to VAT Refunds

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